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The information you provide will help us in placing the dog with the most suitable family.  Please feel free to add more details in the comments section.

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  Marital Status
  Age(s) of Children
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  Other residents besides spouse and children
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  Type of residence
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  Do you Own Rent
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  Are there any size or weight restrictions on pets where you live? Yes No
  Location of residence
  How long have you lived at this address?
  Do you plan to move in the next year? Yes No
  Size of living area sq. ft.
  Size of yard
  Fenced yard Yes No
  Leash walks
In-ground pool Yes No

  How many hours will the dog be alone per day?
  During what time frame(s)?
Where will the dog be kept when family is: home?
gone for work, shopping, etc (not vacations)? 
  Will you permit a home check? Yes No
  Is there any aspect of your home a puppy/dog could affect (white carpet, antiques, etc.)? Yes No
Please explain
  Does anyone in your family have allergies to hair/dust Yes No
physical impairments Yes No
  Are you often away for extended periods? Yes No
  When away for extended periods, do you
Please explain
  How many dogs do you own?

Dog 1

Spayed/Neutered Yes No

Dog 2

Spayed/Neutered Yes No

Dog 3

Spayed/Neutered Yes No

Dog 4

Spayed/Neutered Yes No
What Kind?
What kind?
  Do you own any other pet(s) besides dogs? Yes No
What kind?
  Are you planning on getting new pets in the near future? Yes No
How soon and what kind?
  Have you owned any dogs in the past? Yes No
  Have you ever owned a giant breed dog before? Yes No
Which breed(s)?  
  What was the disposition of prior dogs?
Please explain
  Why do you want a Great Dane?
  Color Doesn't matter
Black Blue Boston (Mantle)
Merle Fawn Brindle Harlequin
  Temperament level
  Activity level
  Would you accept a Great Dane mix? Yes No Depends on mix
  Some rescues have pre-existing health conditions or problems that may require further care by the adopter (skin problems, cataracts, etc.). Would you adopt a dog that has health problems?  Yes No Maybe
  Are you aware of the yearly costs of maintaining a healthy dog? Yearly vaccines can be $70-$100. Then there is heartworm preventative (daily or monthly), flea/tick control (pet and premises), dental care, food, accessories, as well as many other unforeseen items/circumstances (such as accident or illness). Are you prepared to meet these requirements? Yes No
  How far are you willing to travel to pick up the dog?
  How soon do you want to adopt the dog?
  Are you willing to spay or neuter your pet? Yes No
  Are you willing to take your dog to obedience training? Yes No
  How much adult supervision of the dog and your children will be provided?
  If no children reside with you, how often will your dog come in contact with children?
  If neighbors have children, how old are they?
  How much adult supervision of the dog and neighborhood children will be provided?
  Some dogs are lively and curious in the house. They like to play with you and follow you around. Will a dog like this annoy you?  Yes No
  How would you encourage and reinforce your dog's appropriate or good behavior?
  How would you prevent and manage your dog's inappropriate or bad behavior?
  Who will be the primary caretaker of the dog?
  Are all members of your household aware that you are acquiring a new dog? Yes No
  Do they all approve? Yes No
  Are all willing to be somewhat involved in the care and raising of this dog? Yes No
  Have you ever crated a dog? Yes No
  Are you willing to crate this dog if needed? Yes No
  Do you already have a crate for your new dog? Yes No
What size?
  Are you willing to pay an adoption fee to help defray expenses associated with rescue (normally $225-$250)? Yes No
  Which Dane are you interested in?
  Other comments

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I ATTEST THAT ALL ANSWERS THAT I HAVE PROVIDED ON THIS APPLICATION ARE CORRECT. I UNDERSTAND THAT CENTRAL FLORIDA GREAT DANE RESCUE, INC. HAS THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY APPLICANT FOR ANY REASON. I agree with this privacy notice: CFGDR may share your application information with other rescue organizations as part of the approval and screening process. CFGDR will NEVER sell your information or share it with any other outside resources.

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