Why are we asking for an application fee?
Unfortunately the cost of rescue has become a heavy burden that adoption fees aren't covering. In addition to this, we are getting a great deal of applications (between 20-30 a week), and many of these applicants aren't truly dedicated to adopting a Dane. Each application takes between 7-15 hours to process and has additional costs including gas, long distance and the volunteers time (home checks, vet checks, etc.). As a result the application processors are bombarded with applications.  And the few qualified ones that they get are not getting timely responses due to the sheer volume that they receive. This application fee will help provide some much needed funding, as well as provide our volunteer processors with fewer, more dedicated applications.

Please be aware that we do check some key points on the application. Including veterinary references, property ownership (or land lord approval) and we do a physical home check before the final approval takes place. We will give each applicant thorough consideration, but filling out an application will not guarantee approval, nor will it guarantee that you will be the best match for the Dane that you are interested in. The approval will be based on providing a loving suitable home for a Dane and a feeling of faith from our volunteers that the Dane will be cared for medically, physically and emotionally for the remainder of it's life.

We are very sorry for any negative feelings that this may incite. However, this program is run 100% by volunteers, and we're doing the best that we can do.

If you are not able to use PayPal, email us with your interest and we can provide you with a physical address to mail your application fee, within the state of Florida, it usually only takes a day.

Also, please be sure to check with the rescue closest to you first!      

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