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Arthritis in Dogs - from
Arthritis in Dogs and its Treatment - from
Canine Arthritis - from
Dealing with Arthritis in Your Dog - by Dr. Ron Hines
Degenerative Arthritis - from
Dog Owner's Guide - Arthritis - from
Managing Pain in Dogs - from
Pain Management for Pets - from
Pet Arthritis Resource Center - Very Informative Site
Simple Ways to Help Your Pet With Arthritis - from

Arthritis Medication Links
Adequan FAQ's - from Lutipold Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Adequan - Possibly an Answer for Dogs with Joint Damage
Alternatives to Rimadyl - from
Alternatives to Rimadyl - from the Senior Dogs Project Site
Cosequin - from Naturemaxx Labs, Inc.
Dermaxx - from
Dermaxx Article - from the Washington Post
Dermaxx Warning - by Linda Arndt
Glucosamine and Chrondroitin Supplements - from
Metacam - Manufacturer's site
Understanding Dermaxx - Smart Drug or Clever Marketing
Vet Tech - Alternatives to NSAIDS

Rimadyl Information Sheet - from Good Dog Magazine
Rimadyl: News, Views & Advisories - from (lots of other links on the left side of this page
Rimadyl - Two articles from Good Dog Magazine
    Rimadyl: We Put It To The Test
    Rimadyl Safety Update
Rimadyl - from
Rimadyl - from Wing-n-Wave Labradors
Rimadyl - What You Need To Know - from
The History of Rimadyl - from

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