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Bloat is one of the biggest killers of Great Danes, as well as many other giant breed and deep V-chested breed dogs.  No one knows what really causes bloat, but there are many theories.  Please read up on the warning signs of bloat, there are many different warning signs.

Acupressure Bloat Point - by C.A. Krowzack, DVM - This is the one most important bloat link that you could ever have.  Bookmark this page.  Print out a copy and keep it handy.  If a dog bloats, this is the first thing to do - massage the bloat acupressure points on both back knees.  It works!  I've saved one of my personal Danes 3 times by doing this alone.  Many of our foster homes have saved other Danes using this method.  Please note - this is not a substitute for taking a dog that is bloating into the Vet.  Get the dog to a Vet immediately!   But, if you catch the bloat quick enough, hopefully, there won't be much, if anything, for the Vet to do.   Feel free to email me if you have any questions!

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