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Please note  a fenced yard is required for most of our Danes, especially puppies and young adults. Very few Danes are cleared for adoption into a home with small children or small dogs.  Those Danes that are safe with either/or a small dog or child are noted accordingly.  Dane pups and young adults do best in homes that have had Danes before and have another younger, large, playful dog to help wear them out.

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Some photos are courtesy of Photographers Alison Waring and Phil Anderegg.



The information below is what we know of the past history of the dogs and and their behavior while in rescue.  Dogs do behave different in different situations.  While we do expect they will act the same way once adopted, it is impossible to predict the future behavior of any dog.

Bertha - a 3 year old Boston brindle female.  She is supposed to be 3/4 Dane, 1/4 St. Bernard.  Bertha is crate trained and housebroken.  She is very eager to please, very trainable, and calm for her age.  A fenced yard is required.  Bertha does not do well with other female dogs, and is also dominant with other male dogs.  She does not handle change well, has some separation anxiety and needs a very obedience oriented, large dog savvy home.  Bertha is still available for adoption.  

Incoming - We have many Danes that we are working on making room for in rescue.  The number of surrender requests and Danes in shelters has dramatically increased this past year.  We are always in need of more foster homes and volunteers. 





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