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So many people are afraid to own a deaf dog, they aren't sure how to interact with them.  A deaf dog is pretty much the same as a hearing dog, it's just a little more difficult to get their attention.  You use the same hand signals for training a deaf dog that you learn in basic obedience class.  There are tricks you can use to help get the attention of a deaf dog - such as flipping on and off lights to get their attention, a laser light, vibrating collars, etc.  Most deaf dogs do tend to watch their family and other dogs in the home for cues.  That's why we feel it's best to only place deaf dogs into home that has at least one hearing dog. 

Deaf Danes tend to be white (actually mostly white) and usually have blue eyes.  Usually, the more white, the more deaf they are.  Most "deaf" dogs do have some hearing, they can hear certain pitches.  Many deaf dogs also have some vision problems.  Most of them still can see well enough to get around, run, play, etc. though.   Mostly white dogs tend to be very sensitive to the sun and burn quite easily.  They can't tolerate prolonged time in the sun.  It's best to use sunscreen on them, for when they do spend much time in the sun.  There are special sunscreens made for dogs, but people sunscreen will work fine too. 

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