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Great Dane Diet and Nutrition
written by Elisa Law

There's a lot of controversy over dog food.  What is best - to feed a raw diet, home cooked diet or go with traditional dog food.  If using traditional dog food - which dog kibble is the best one to use.  Each dog is different and has individual needs.  The best thing to do is to do a lot of research and make an educated decision.

Personally, I feel that traditional processed dog food (I just use the generic term kibble) is the root of many of our diseases/disorders we see today.  By feeding a raw diet, you are feeding what a dog or a wolf would eat in the wild.  It's natural, it's what they were designed to eat.  Dogs are carnivores - they are supposed to raw eat meat and bones.  Not pellets in a bowl that consists of cooked foods and grains (which are mostly indigestible). 

Feeding a raw diet takes more work, and often is more expensive than feeding kibble.  It's not as simple as just pouring kibble into a bowl.  In order to buy meat at reasonable prices, you really need to buy in bulk.  Which requires extra freezer space.  But, the benefits in the long run make it worth it.  Feeding raw makes for a healthier dog, therefore less Vet bills.  Since a raw diet is so digestible, the dogs use most of what they eat.  So, their stools are much smaller and have much less odor than kibble fed dogs. 

In order to decide what to feed your dog, I think it's best to start with what is really in processed dog kibble.   I know that every time I read information on this subject I am truly sickened.  Visit our Kibble page for more information.  Then, read up more on Alternatives to feeding kibble.

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