Animal First Aid
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     Skunk Scent Removal        Snake Bites
General First Aid
A Simple First Aid Kit - from
Administering Subcutaneaous Fluids - from
Burns - by Nancy Korman
Canine First Aid - from Wing-n-Wave Labradors
Canine First Aid Kit - from Phouka Dog Pages
Diarrhea - by Nancy Korman
Emergency Dog Links
Emergency Remedies - from
Homepathic Treatments for Accidents - by Anna Carr
Insect Bites - by Nancy Korman
Is it an emergency? - from
Porcupine Quills - How to Deal With Them - from
Vomiting - by Nancy Korman

Animal CPR
Canine CPR - from
Pet CPR - from
Learn Animal CPR - by Dr. Feldman

Heat Stroke
Dehydration - by Nancy Korman
Heat Stroke! - from
Heat Stroke and Overheating in Dogs: Treatment & Prevention - by Nate Baxter, DVM
Heat Stroke in Dogs - from
Hot Weather Safety Tips for Dogs - from American Dog Trainers Network

Animal Poison Control Center
Antifreeze Poisoning - from Dog Owner's Education League, Inc.
Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs and Cats - by Dr. Ron Hines
Bufo Toad Poisoning - from Harmony Animal Hospital
Chlorinated Water...A BIG No-No!!! - by Marina Zacharias
Chocolate Toxicity - from
Notes on Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs - by Bonnie Dalzell, MA
The Perils of Chocolate - by Hero's Waggin Train
Over-the-counter Drugs can Poison Pets - from
Pets and Poisons -
Pet Poisons - Keeping Your Pet Safe - from
Snail Bait Poisoning - from
Toxic Plants and Foods - Dr. Bob's All Creatures Site
What To Do if Your Dog Eats Glass (Or Other Small Foreign Objects) - by Linda McKellar
Zinc Poisoning - from

Poisonous Plants
Cornell University Poisonous Plant Database - from Cornell University
Picture Directory of Poisonous Plants - from Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine
Poisonous Plants and Symptoms - from Texas Department of Health
Poisonous Plant Guide - from

Skunk Scent Removal
De-skunking Your Pet - from Hero's Wagon Train site
Get That Skunk Smell Out of Your Dog! - from
How to Get Skunk Smell out of Pet Fur - from
How to Remove Skunk Odor from Your Dogs - from
Remove the Skunk Smell - by Lav Plourde

Snake Bites
How to Detect and Treat a Snakebite on a Dog - from
Snake Bites Dog - from
Treating Snake Bites in Dogs - from
Treatments of Snake Bites - from
Vitamin C in Dogs and Snake Bites - from Chinaroad Lowchens



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