Sighthound Rescue

We do help with certain Sighthound rescue

Borzoi, Staghound and Deerhound Rescue
Elisa Law

(We also may help with other uncommon sighthounds - such as Pharoah, Ibizan, etc.)

Irish Wolfhound Rescue
If you would like to adopt or need to place an Irish Wolfhound, please contact someone listed below.

Southern Irish Wolfhound Adoption is the main contact for Irish Wolfhound rescue in the southern US.

Main Contact
Jackie Carswell
Blackshear, Georgia
Phone 912-449-4743
Southern Irish Wolfhound Rescue and Adoption

Florida Contacts

Elisa Law
Central Florida

National Contact for IWCA Rescue
Jean Minnier
Phone 609-268-9373





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