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Alternatives to Feeding Kibble
written by Elisa Law

There are better alternatives than feeding kibble (a generic term I use for packaged dry dog food).  If you haven't read up on some good reasons to avoid kibble, please read our page called Kibble Controversy.  Two alternatives are to feed a total raw diet, or to cook for your dog.  I feel the best food you can feed is a raw diet.  Meaning a diet consisting of mostly raw meat and bones, a little veggies and a little fruit.  This is what wolves and wild dogs eat in the wild.  Dogs are carnivores, they are meant to eat raw meat and bones, not kibble that is cooked and consists mostly of grains and fillers.  Dogs would rarely eat grains in the wild, primarily only grains in the stomach contents of the animals they would catch and eat.  Grain in dog food is also a major source of food allergies in dogs. 

There are really two options for feeding raw - buying a pre-made raw diet (usually frozen) or to prepare it yourself.  Already made raw diets tend to be more expensive than preparing it yourself.  It's a matter of cost vs. convenience. 

Some people prefer to cook for their dogs.  In my opinion, this is still better than feeding kibble, but not as healthy as going with a raw diet.  What dogs eat in the wild is raw, not cooked.  Cooking changes the forms of proteins in food and takes out a lot of nutritional benefits.  Usually people that cook will cook up chicken, hamburger, or some other meat.  Then mix that in with rice, or some other grain, and maybe add some veggies. 

There are many sites out there with more information on feeding raw and cooking your own dog's food.  I will add links on this soon. 

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