Puppy Mills

Don't be tempted to buy that cute puppy in the pet store window.  Pet stores generally buy their puppies from what is known as puppy mills.  Many pet stores will of course deny this, they will often say they buy their pups from a local breeder or a breeder in the Midwest (that's where most of the puppy mills are).  No reputable breeder would ever sell puppies to a pet store.  Besides, local breeders charge too much.  Most pet stores buy their pups for under $100, and resold in puppy stores for hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.  Don't be suckered into thinking that you are saving that pup by buying it.  The more pet stores sell, the more they will buy to resell. 

Definition of a Puppy Mill

Prisoner's for Profit

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Pet Mills - An American Disgrace




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