Dog Food and Treat Recalls

Below are links on some dog food and dog treat recalls.  Most recalls were not serious.  But, many pets have gotten sick or died due to toxic dog food.  Below are some links to information about various recalls.  All of the links open in a new window.

American Nutrition Recall 4-07 - Various brands - Blue Buffalo, Natural Balance, etc.
Cat Treats Recall - Article from Union County IN Health Department
Chenango Valley Recall 4-07 - Dr. Fosters and Smith and other brands
Diamond Pet Food Recall 4-07 - from FDA

Dog Deaths Increase Despite Dog Food Recall 1-07 - article from
Dog Deaths Surpass 100 Despite Toxic Pet Food Recall - article from
Dogs Keep Dying:  Too Many Owners Unaware of Pet Food Recall - article from

Exclusive: Lab Finds Toxin In Unopened, Unrecalled Pet Food - article from
FDA and USDA Determine Swine Fed Adulterated Product - FDA article
FDA Limits Chinese Food Additives - USA Today article
FDA - Search for Pet Food Recalls - Search the FDA site for various recalls
Feds: Pet Food Co. Used Tainted Corn - from
Filler in Animal Feed is Open Secret in China - New York Times Article
Healthy K9 Dog Treats Recall 11-06 - from Union County, IN Health Dept.
Go! Natural Pet Foods Recall 10-03 - from

Is Pet-killing Wheat Gluten in the Human Food Too? - article by Mark Williams
Is Your Pet's Food Safe Yet? - from

Itchmo Pet Forums - Recall related posts
Independent Lab Test Results - from
Kibbles N Bits Voluntary Recall 10-05
Melamine Spiking of Food Goes Back Decades in US and China - article from
Melamine and Cyanuric Acid - A Deadly Pair - article from
Menu Foods Recalls 2-07 - lists many different brands

Merrick Canned Dog Food Recall 4-18-06
Natural Balance Recall - from manufacturer
P&G vows more control of Menu Foods - USA Today article
Pedigree Recall 4-04 - from
Pet Deaths Spur Call for Better FDA Screening - article from
Pet Food Additive a Threat for Humans - from
Pet-food deaths: Owners to receive compensation - from Mail & Guardian Online
Pet Food Recall Facts - from PetFoodRecallFacts
Pet Food Recall - Timing and Triggers - from
Pet Food Recalls 2007 - from
Pet Food Recalls - Learning from a sad and messy crisis - from
Pet Owners Blame Nutro Products for their Dogs' Illnesses - from
Pig Ear Treats Recall 5-00 - from

Purina Venezuela Aflatoxicosis Outbreak 2007 - article by
Recalled Pet Food List: Cats, Dogs and Other Pets -
Recalled Pet Food Lists and More - from Pet Food Tracker

Royal Canin Dog Food Recall News Alert
Simmons Pet Food Recall - from
The Diamond Dog Food Recall and Its Impact on Pet Health Nutrition - from A+ Flint River Ranch
The Pet Food List - Lists of recalled pet foods

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