Adoption Requirements

We work hard to match each Dane with the most suited home and each family to the Dane that will be a match for them.  Each dog lives in one of our foster homes for at least two weeks.  Then, we can determine what type of home each individual dog needs. 

While we do consider each application on a case by case basis, below we have listed the main things we consider when trying to find a new home for our Danes in rescue.

We normally suggest that first time Dane owners start out with a calmer adult.  Younger Danes can be such horrible handfuls.  Most Danes don’t start to mature until 2 – 3 years of age, some can take much longer.  A majority of the Danes that are turned into rescue are Dane pups or young adults, and the most common reason they are given up is because their owner was not prepared to deal with their high energy level. 

Danes pups and young adults really do best in a home with another large, young and very playful dog.  Otherwise, it can be pretty impossible for a person to wear out a younger Dane.  Too many people just have no clue how wild and rough young Danes are.  That's why we get so many into rescue. 

A fenced yard is a must for any younger Dane.  Young Danes need a fenced area that they can run and play in multiple times daily to help use up excess energy.  It is not recommended that young Danes be taken on walks, jogs or runs, until their bones are done growing – which is about 2 – 2.5 years of age.  Forced exercise can do serious damage to a young Danes joints and bones, so only free play is recommended.  For homes without a fenced yard, we will only consider a calmer adult, that we feel will be fine without a fenced yard. 

We have had and heard from others about so many problems with invisible fence, so we rarely will consider adoptions to homes that do not have a traditional fence.  Besides issues with the fencing, we have heard of many cases where dogs become territorial and overprotective of their yard and people. 

As a general rule, we will only consider calmer adults for homes that have small dogs and/or smaller children.  Danes grow very quickly, and they don't realize their great size and strength.  Dane pups and young adults tend to be too rough for homes with small children and small dogs.  Great Danes as a whole tend to be a dominant breed.  Small dogs tend to have an attitude, which Great Danes tend to not appreciate.  We get very few Danes that are truly good with small dogs.

When adding a 2nd dog, it is usually best to add a dog of the opposite sex and a similar or lower activity level than your existing dog.  Its not that dogs of the same sex can't get along, it just depends on the temperament and personality of each dog.  With dogs of the opposite sex, and similar activity levels, it is pretty much a guarantee that both dogs will live in harmony. 

While many people may consider their adult dog to be active and playful, they rarely are active enough to wear out a young Dane.  We get a lot of Dane pups and young adults turned into rescue because the adult or senior dogs in the home could not deal with the activity level of the young Dane. 

Our hardest home to find a Dane for, is one without other dogs.  As I mentioned above, it is hard to wear out most young Danes without another large, young, and playful dog in the home to help wear them out.  We have also found that Great Danes tend to be a very co-dependent breed, and many do not do well unless there is another dog in the home. 

We will adopt out of state, but we do have some special requirements.  First, you must have tried closer rescues and they don’t have any Danes that will be a good match for you.  We must be able to find a local Dane rescue group, that will do a home visit for us.  Lastly, you must drive and meet the dog in the foster home, before taking the dog home.  Please email us first before filling out an application if you live out of state.

Filling out an application and paying the application fee does not guarantee approval of an application/adoption.  We reserve the right to turn down an application, for any reason.

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