Why So Many Danes in Rescue?

Great Danes aren't for everyone. Most of the Danes we get into rescue are under the age of two. Many of these Danes have had more than one home by the time we get them. The main reason we get these young Danes into rescue, is that the owner didn't do any research before buying that cute Dane pup. Danes as pups (normally until at least 2 - 3 years of age) can be pretty active. Too many people get overwhelmed by how quickly the Dane pup grows and how wild and destructive they can be. We normally suggest that first time Dane owners start out with a calmer adult. Dane pups do best in a home that has a lot of time to devote to training. We prefer to place Dane pups in a home that has had a Dane before or is dog experienced. Dane rescue groups and shelters would get a lot less Danes into rescue if people would start crate training them as pups.

Before you buy a Dane pup...

Before you buy, make sure to do research about the breed and only buy a pup from a responsible breeder. Learn about the differences between a responsible breeder, a back yard breeder and puppy mills. A responsible breeder does health testing for genetic problems - such as for hip dysplasia, heart problems, etc. A responsible breeder breeds for health and temperament. Back yard breeders and puppy mills (where pet stores get their pups from) breed for only one reason - money! They don't care about the health and temperament of their pups or who buys them. Yes, a Dane from a responsible breeder will cost more. But, you get what you pay for. Click on the links below for more information about breeders and puppy mills and breeding. 

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