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Wish List

Dog Food
Comfortis - mostly 60 lbs and up size

Promeris - mostly 88 lbs and up, but we could use some for 55 - 87 lbs
Crate pans for Midwest crate #89
Crate pans for Midwest crate #99

Foster homes are desperately needed!
This letter was published on the Samoyed list, but applies to any breed rescue group:

Often enough, I hear from people who desire to assist with rescue, but are apologetic about not being able to actually house an animal for a short period of time. This got me to thinking, and I want to share a few of the more serious thoughts with you.

RESCUE is volunteering to help comb that matted creature, which looks more like a doormat than a dog.
RESCUE is walking through the local shelter, looking for animals which can be saved but are on their last days, then notifying the programs in your area.
RESCUE is giving up a day or two each month to help give baths, when you could be at the movies or swimming.
RESCUE is stopping by out of the blue ,to give hugs and help walk the dogs.
RESCUE is surprising your local program with a gift of water bowls, leashes, or toys.
RESCUE is offering to drive a dog from one place to another, without regard to cost for mileage, or compensation of time.
RESCUE is spreading the word to people you meet, each time you get the chance, and taking names.
RESCUE means sharing your home, even if only for a few hours.
And finally, RESCUE means showing that sometimes, your heart speaks louder than your head.

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